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Alan Colmes Biography

Political Commentator for the Fox News Channel
Pro to the question "Was Bill Clinton a Good President?"

“Bill Clinton was the greatest American president in the second half of the twentieth century and may, through the lens of a longer history, go down as one of our greatest presidents, ever. We had unheralded prosperity, as evidenced by the rising tide of jobs, the stock market, and real estate values, and falling unemployment. He forged a peace agreement in Northern Ireland after decades of turmoil, achieved the Dayton Accords to calm the Balkans.”

Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right & Right Is Wrong, 2004

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Radio host, Alan Colmes Show, Fox Radio, 2003-present
  • Political Commentator for the Fox News Channel, 1996-present
  • Co-host, Hannity and Colmes, Fox News Channel, 1996-2009
  • Former radio host, WNBC, WABC, WMCA (New York, NY)
  • Former stand up comedian
  • BA, Hofstra University, 1971
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Pro & Con Quotes: Was Bill Clinton a Good President?