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Dick Armey, PhD Biography

Former US House of Representatives Majority Leader
Con to the question "Was Bill Clinton a Good President?"

“What’s his legacy? To me it’s that he got away with it. He’s the accidental president who’s the luckiest guy I’ve ever seen in politics; who is charming and seductive and charismatic; who had one or two good policy moments in terms of my interpretation of what’s good for the country; and whose conduct was so boorish that the average family would have cut their college sophomore kid out of the will for it. He is, in my estimation, the most successful adolescent I’ve ever known…

I know I’m being harsh, but I could never bring myself to believe that in the case of Bill Clinton I was dealing with a serious adult.”

A Complicated Man: The Life of Bill Clinton Told by Those Who Know Him, by Michael Takiff, 2010

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chairman, FreedomWorks, 2003-Dec. 2012
  • Consultant, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), 2002-present
  • Member, Council for National Policy
  • Member, Board of Advisors, Close Up Foundation
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Progress and Freedom Foundation
  • Senior Policy Adviser, DLA Piper (law and lobbying firm), 2003-2009
  • US House of Representatives Majority Leader, 1995-2003
  • US Congressman (R-TX), 1985-2003
  • Chairman, Economics Department, University of North Texas, 1977-1985
  • Professor, University of North Texas, 1972-1977
  • Former assistant professor, Austin College
  • Former assistant professor, West Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Former professor, University of Montana
  • Education:
  • PhD, Economics, University of Oklahoma, 1968
  • MA, University of North Dakota, 1964
  • BA, Jamestown College, 1963
  • Other:
  • The fifth of eight children, born July 7, 1940 in Cando, North Dakota
  • Legal name is Richard Keith Armey
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    Pro & Con Quotes: Was Bill Clinton a Good President?