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John F. Harris Biography

Editor in Chief of Politico
Pro to the question "Was Bill Clinton a Good President?"

“However heedless he could sometimes be in his personal life, Clinton brought a dutiful sensibility to his public life… One can argue over how much credit any president deserves, but the larger picture of American life at the end of the Clinton years was unmistakable. Twenty-two million jobs had been created over eight years. The budget was in surplus. Crime was down; so were welfare rolls and teen pregnancies. Home ownership was on the upswing, as were median incomes for African-Americans and Hispanics…

Clinton’s presidency was anchored to an authentically populist spirit and animated by a genuine connection between a politician and common folk whose support he needed.”

The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Editor in Chief, Politico
  • Panelist, Washington Week, PBS
  • Former National Political Editor, Washington Post
  • Former reporter, Washington Post
  • Recipient, Aldo Beckman Award, White House Correspondents’ Association
  • Recipient, Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency, Gerald R. Ford Library
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  • BA, American History, Carleton College, 1985
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  • Covered the Clinton presidency for the Washington Post from 1995-2001.
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    Pro & Con Quotes: Was Bill Clinton a Good President?