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 Video of Bill Clinton explaining his views on the economy during a 1992 presidential debate vs. incumbent George H. W. Bush.
Source: TPM TV, "Clinton's Debate Moment,", June 5, 2007

 Video of President Clinton comforting the nation after the Oklahoma City Bombings at the Time for Healing Ceremony on Apr. 23, 1995.
Source: MCamericanpresident, "President Bill Clinton - Time for Healing Ceremony,", Mar. 24, 2008

 Video of President Clinton on Jan. 26, 1998 denying allegations of an affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Source: PublicApologyCentral, "President Bill Clinton Denies Sexual Relations with Monica Lewinsky,", Sep. 27, 2011

 Video of President Clinton on Aug. 17, 1998 admitting that he had a relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
Source: MCamericanpresident, "President Bill Clinton - Statement on Testifying before Jury,", Mar. 24, 2008